The popularity of running marathons

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Marathon is not only about long distance race but also opportunities to experience a different and exciting life. For most runners running a marathon has a place on their bucket list. It not only gives a sense of victory but also solidarity to a person. In the past 50 years, the number of marathons and overall participation has grown tremendously.

In today’s world running a marathon has become a trend, unlike the older times when the number of marathon runners was just a tip of an iceberg. Following are some of the reasons which have tempered the runway growth of marathon runners.

The popularity of running marathons

The participants of marathons are mostly the members of the millennial generation who have an active busy life which does not give them much time for exercise. So they decide to run a marathon as it gives them a full body workout that tones their muscles, burns a lot of calories and improves their overall health.

By joining the marathon training they no longer need to go to a park or a swimming pool or a football court, a tennis court , golf courses or gym classes to be able to keep themselves fit. Marathon training is flexible with respect to their day job or schedule. Here they can run on their own terms with their friends or family during lunch or in running clubs after work or early on the weekends. It keeps most of the diseases like cancer and heart diseases at bay.

The popularity of running marathons

The popularity of running marathons

They love the bit of adventure and challenge which comes with running a marathon and most of them love the thrill that is pack and parcel of it. Running a marathon also adds a swag to their personality since they can brag about it in their social gatherings. They consider marathon as a symbol of inspiration, hope, and renewal. The participation of celebrities in a marathon also contributes to its popularity. The number of participants is tempered when a famous celebrity is participating in a marathon, as people want to know what its like to be in a celebrity’s shoes even if they might not get a chance to work along with them.

The popularity of running the marathon has increased nowadays as the wealthy mainlanders realize the importance of exercise in their life. Many middle-class elites and corporate executives who wish to relieve stress and stay healthy are driving the boom.

The marathon benefits the host as it does the participants

That is why not only the cities but also in the mainland’s marathons are launched to boost their image and promote tourism. People participate in these marathons as they get an opportunity to see the other parts of the world and a chance to explore these places. Also, the exotic setting of mainland fascinates the participants as they get a chance to discover the amazingly beautiful mainland countryside which has a unique culture and tradition and striking geography. It gives them an opportunity to be in places which are completely different from what they are used to.

They also get a chance to travel and spend time with their family and friends. But then why run a marathon if they can go for a holiday with them to any place they want and also get a discount on hotel rooms? But when they are marathon runners they get to see a lot of local areas in the race. Many times the post race parties of marathons attract plenty of people. The popularity of marathons has a progressive growth as it gives an opportunity to some people who want to prove themselves.

Running gives you a good and healthy body

It also gives a reason to stay busy to those people who have gone through recent life change such as job loss or retirement they have a lot of free time and it might be the perfect time to take the challenge. Despite all other reasons, the fact that a person can raise awareness and money for a good cause contributes to the popularity of running marathons as many marathons benefits worthwhile causes varying from fighting cancer and other dangerous diseases to disaster relief.

Running for a better cause always appeals to people as this makes the race even more meaningful since this shows that humanity will not merely endure but prevail. By running marathons people not only get a recognition of their achievement by receiving a medal or certificate but they also set an example for those who matter to them. The fairness and equality of marathon make it more popular among people as people from different places, religion, social and economic status come together and run.

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