Sports – a brief on Mark Waugh

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It’s certainly true that Cricket is the religion of many countries. It’s worshipped by a large number of people around the world. Cricket is popularly known as a game of glorious uncertainties. It is blessed to have brilliantly accomplished players who have added feathers to its cap. One of such players is Mark Edwin Waugh who is widely known for his elegance. People say, if you ought to describe him in a single word that word has to be Elegance.

Sports – a brief on Mark Waugh

In the Cricketing world, he is the one who’s privileged to have the most pleasing cover drive. Not only, was Mark a god gifted talented batsmen, he was also an astute medium pacer, who later on due to some injuries, he shifted to off spin bowling. He was one of the most exceptional fielders, Australia had ever seen. Also, he was the most stylish batsman in the history of the game. Mark’s father was a bank official and his mother was a teacher. Mark Waugh was born on June 02, 1965 four minutes latter to the birth of his twin brother Steve Waugh in Canterbury, Sydney.  By the time they attained the age of six, the twins were playing cricket, tennis and soccer.

Sports - a brief on Mark Waugh

Sports – a brief on Mark Waugh

Both the brothers dominated Cricket in Australia in1990s. He was further commonly known as “junior” since he was younger to his brother. He started receiving training for cricket under the vigilant eyes of Steve. Both of them were selected in the New South Wales Team but unfortunately only Steve was able to make it through to the Australian Cricket Team while Mark was ignored. This was a great led down for him but he didn’t lose hope and work harder and harder each passing day. He had the most productive period after 1987 in his career as he started piling up runs then.  He was awarded the Sheffield Shield Cricketer of the year and continuously performed consistently for Essex.

World Championship Series

This award resulted in his call for World Championship Series as a player of the Australian Team in 1988. In 1990, he acted as a replacement for his brother and scored an impeccable score of 138 in his debut performance. Though it was a bitter-sweet moment, but still he managed to do a commendable job.  It was a roller coaster ride for him, he had seen great heights when in Port Elizabeth, he played a classic innings of 116 which was made in five hours against South Africa which was appreciated by all but later on he had seen great falls too when he couldn’t make it to both Australia’s Test and One Day International (ODI) teams. He was very agitated and dismayed by this decision of dropping him in these matches, but he didn’t lose hope.  Ultimately he was again selected for both the teams.

Both Mark and Steve had their moment of glory in 1990 when they made the world record in First class cricket for scoring 464 runs and emerged as the highest fifth wicket partnership in which twin brothers scored a double century each. What a meritorious and exemplary performance it was! They were truly blessed with the talent of playing cricket.

However, towards the core end of his career, Mark Waugh was entangled in controversies. In 1998, Shane Warne and Mark had taken money in exchange for weather and pitch information from an Indian bookmaker. They accepted the claim in 1994 during their tour of Sri Lanka. He couldn’t sustain and abide for a long time. He gave up and duly announced his retirement in 2002. He was a leading run scorer in ODIs. Mark had a record of 181 catches in Test Cricket which proves his catching as well as fielding skills. Presently, he is working as a cricket commentator for Fox Sports Channel.

Mark made cricket classy and undoubtedly he was an elegant and graceful player in the history of the game.

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