Positive Effects of Playing Sports in School

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The Indian education system has evolved tremendously over the years. It started the CCE system which focused on activity-based learning, smart education through Educomps and et al. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed in so many years, which is, the lack of importance given to sports in school. It still sees sports as just physical activity and not beyond that. It has failed to see the positive effects of playing sports in school in the long run. So, I am going to throw light at the pros of playing sports in school.

Positive Effects of Playing Sports in School

Even as a physical activity, playing sports can be hugely beneficial. At the moment, obesity is a global issue among teenagers. Physical activity is, one of the major ways, to fight it. Playing sports, especially in school, lead to a healthy lifestyle. In the growing years it is essential to stay healthy and as they say, in a healthy body, resides a healthy mind. But the benefits of playing sports is not limited to this point, there is much more to it than just being a physical activity. Sports largely promote the importance of the 5 Cs: Competence, Confidence, Connections, Character and Caring; which are extremely important for over all development of child in the long run.


Sports teach teenagers to always be disciplined; a player always has to be disciplined both on and off the field, which is a very important life skill because success cannot be achieved without discipline. Along with that, time punctuality and time management are other important skills teenagers learns from playing sports. A goal has to be achieved in given time on the field; if not achieved in time the chance is lost. This is how things work in life; nothing is possible without the right management of time. The education system believes that students, who are involved in sports, do not perform well academically. But studies have shown that children involved in sports tend to perform better academically than those who aren’t.

Playing sports can increase focus level

This can be possible because by playing sports there is an increase in the concentration level of the player and he or she can focus better. Apart from this, children also develop better leadership and problem solving skills, which are vital for both inside and outside the classroom. Teenagers often tend to have low self-esteem in high school; sports can increase both their self esteem and confidence. Thus, avoiding situations like suicide, self-harm.

Sports promotes teamwork and sportsmanship attitude

Another important thing that children learn from playing sports is teamwork and sportsman spirit; they learn how to win and lose gracefully. If teenagers cannot accept their failures or work in a team, then they can never succeed. Sports teach teenagers the importance of following rules and fair play, which is essential in the long run. Lastly, sports teach teenagers the internal skills for handling pressure and relieve anxiety which avoids leading to depression.

To conclude, I would like to say that there is a much brighter side to the playing of sports in schools as well. The importance and sports should not just stay in the books; they should be actually played for the real benefit. The values imparted by it cannot be taught by any text book. If we want to raise healthy children in our nation, then we have to take steps which are beyond just a balanced diet. As mentioned before, sports won’t just help them physically but also help in the overall development which is important in the long run. This can only be possible if we promote sports at the school level because ‘All work and no play; makes Jack a dull boy’. And, I am very sure we don’t want dull children to be the future of our nation.

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