Leading Information to Learn in Online Lucky Koi Slot Machine Game at QQ288

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China does have many symbols associated with good luck and wealth. One of them is the koi. Lucky Koi is a slot game that you can play even at Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins, this slot game is full of symbols associated with gold and koi fish as a main character. Lucky Koi game is a slot game that has a slot machine with 5 reels and 20 payline to play. Here are some leading information to learn in online lucky koi slot machine game at qq288 before you play the game for real money.

Lucky Koi slot game is also includes as a slot game that provides quite a lot of bonuses. Starting from a bonus payout of up to an additional bonus game. In the main game, your goal is to look for the highest payout by using 20 paylines and a symbol of the game.

Leading Information to Learn in Online Lucky Koi Slot Machine Game at QQ288

Those symbols will form a payline, called into the qualifying payment if payline starting from the leftmost reel of the game. The symbols can be used in forming this payline include:

  • Symbols letter J, Q, K and A

Those symbols has a bonus with a sizeable amount, 5x up to 250X of the amount bet. To get payout of this symbol, you just need to get at least 3 pieces of cards in a single payline.

  • Symbols gold theme

In the Lucky Koi slot game you will also find the lots of gold bars symbols come in many shapes. The shape such as, coins, eggs, flowers and typical of China gold shape. For this symbol you need a minimum of two symbols to get a payout.

Leading Information to Learn in Online Lucky Koi Slot Machine Game at QQ288

Leading Information to Learn in Online Lucky Koi Slot Machine Game at QQ288

  • Wild symbols

Wild symbols depicted with gold fish can be used to form the payline and produce a payout and also to replace other cards. If this card is used to form the payout then you will get a prize of up to 10000x from your bet amount.

Every type of slot game even at Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website has advantages. This slot game has two exciting bonus features. The feature is called Money Tree Bonus and also features gambling.

  • Money Tree Bonus Features

You can get bonus symbols on reel 1 and reel 5 on the main game Lucky Koi slot. If you get into the bonus round, you will immediately proceed to the next game page. In the pages of this game you will see a screen that has a lot of gold coins in it. Gold coins that form a tree and the ground. On that tree you will see 6 bags of red hanging there. From 6 bag you will be asked to choose one of them. After that you will asked to choose one of three gold coins to pick multiplier that you will get when entering the free games round.

In Lucky Koi bonus slot game you will be able to get free games, with a total of 20 pieces and also the multiplier number could reach 10 times multiplier.

The bonus that you can get from Money Tree feature not only that, if you can generate scatter symbols on reels 1 and 5 reel on the game free games, then you will get additional free games with random quantities. In those free games you will get a multiplier which is equal to the previous value of the multiplier. Free games can be won continuously so you can also get more and more prizes.

  • Gambling features

For those of you who managed to win a number of payout at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android on this game, you will get the opportunity to multiply the amount of your winnings in an easy way is to use the features of gambling. This gambling feature is played by guessing the card that will appear next, whether the red card or black card. In this feature there are 4 pieces of gambling levels, in each level you will get a chance to take your money or gambling again to the next level.

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