Flag Football and Kids: A Short Guide to Coaching Youth Flag Football

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Flag football is the non-physical approach to the game of the football. Instead of tackling a challenger, you pull the flag attached to the person with the ball’s belt to cause a stoppage in play. This was planned so that people can take pleasure in football without worrying regarding injuring themselves due to contact.

Flag Football and Kids: A Short Guide to Coaching Youth Flag Football

Unlike the normal football, a lot less equipment is essential to play flag football. The majority participants wear non-metal cleats. The only other requisite piece of equipment is a particular flag football belt where you place the flag. It’s also a fine idea to have good hands as well as fast feet!

There is an abundance of resources and rules listed on the Internet for people interested in learning more about flag football and more specifically, how to coach youth flag football. Remember, it is more important that you are dedicated and encourage players to practice teamwork and good sportsmanship. If you still feel like you are lacking enough sports knowledge, ask somebody who understands youth flag football to be your assistant coach.

Flag Football and Kids: A Short Guide to Coaching Youth Flag Football

Flag Football and Kids: A Short Guide to Coaching Youth Flag Football

A few equipment essentials you will need to start coaching:

1.) Junior-size footballs! Most flag football drills do not require each player having a football but since teams are typically smaller in number, if you can invest in a football for each child, do it. Children develop most technical skills when they are young so the more hands on the child can be the better. Make sure the football is the correct size for the age group you are coaching.

2.) A whistle! Although not necessary, it is sometimes helpful to have a whistle to get the attention of your flag football players since they may be overly excited and less focused on you at practice. It is also a good way to save your voice to cheer on your players at the games!

3.) Cones for drills! Since boundaries need to be more defined, setting up drills for children will require more cones than for teenagers or adults. Without plenty of cones, you will spend more time explaining boundaries as well as rules for the drill than you will coach!

4.) Flag Belts! You will need additional flag football flags along with belts when trying to separate your players into teams for drills as well as scrimmages so make sure you have different colors so the children can tell the teams apart.

5.) Extra equipment [cleats, as well as the flag belts, the mouth guards (not-reusable), etc.]! A number of the children may want to play but not be able to afford the necessary equipment. Donations or the sponsorships are always nice for the coaches to organize for their players in need. Or, you may have some children that forget to bring all of their youth football equipment to practice so it is important to have extras just in case.

* A lot of organizations provide coaches with these materials or you can receive these items through donations, if you do not wish to purchase equipment.

Youth flag football coaches will also require to be prepared to reach the organization’s coordinator to schedule practice times as well as locations, create lineups as well as set plays that include all players, as well as teach the importance of teamwork through fun along with stimulating the flag football drills.

It is  found that drills such as “Sharks and Minnows” were ideal for the  younger-aged teams as the children were already familiar with a form of these games so it allows players to focus on the skills to be learned.

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