Most important aspect fielding challenges in cricket

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Fielding is all about collecting the ball and throwing back to pitch at the earliest. A player’s fielding skills are evaluated by his/her reflex, ball collection, accuracy in throw and quick decision in choosing the throw end. Catching skills are a part of fielding, it is kind of mandatory for every player to have minimum skill of catching the ball by putting effort.

Most important aspect fielding challenges in cricket

Out of 11 players in the match, officially there will be 9 fielders. The Bowler will turn out to be a fielder as soon as he delivers the ball. The Wicketkeeper will also field in his boundaries, but his basic responsibility is to collect the ball from fielders.

Fielder’s Effect on the match

A fielder can handle the ball from any part of his body, it applies to both stopping and throwing the ball back. A fielder cannot catch or stop the ball using his cap or helmet, in that case,  a penalty of 5 runs would be added to the opponent team. Considering the fielding conditions, a fielder is allowed to field from any part of the ground. A fielder is recommended to wear a helmet, if he/she is standing in a radius of 10 feet. There are certain field restrictions depending on the format of the game and the positions can be changed accordingly.

It is fielder’s responsibility to stop the ball from reaching the boundary, handling the ball or touching the ball outside the boundary line is considered as a boundary. Ball can be handled by coming back to the field without touching the boundary line or space.

Most important aspect fielding challenges in cricket

Most important aspect fielding challenges in cricket

One of the important sectors to look at in the game. Fielding is one of the most important aspect to win the game. Despite having a poor performance in the departments of batting and bowling, it is possible to turn the match around with the help of aggressive fielding.  There is an old saying “catches win matches”, this happens to be true when we look at it from a number point of view. When we evaluate a missed catch’s loss in terms of score raised at the board, we can come to a clear understanding that match could have turned around by not missing the catch. This will help in progressing in team’s quality.

Fielders have improved over the generations and a world class fielding can be seen in today’s match compared to a match which happened a decade ago. During 1970s, we can hardly see a dive for the ball and today, we hardly appreciate the fielder for a decent dive.

Most of the fielders would have their specialty position, where they are well trained to handle any kind of situation. These positions are decided based on fielders quality. The cricket ground is divided into 2 sides and they are called offside and onside. The batsman facing side while facing the ball is called as an offside and the other side is called as an Onside. Fielders are set depending on various factors like batsman skill set, batsman weakness, bowler preference, bowler length and so on..

Fielder’s effect on the bowler

A good fielding on the ground motivates the bowler. An effortless fielding not only discourages the bowler, but the entire team. Bowler concedes the runs officially, but fielder is equally responsible to handle the situation with the presence of mind to put the pressure on the opponents. The bowler and the captain decide the field settings to deliver strategically to avoid runs or to take the wicket. Depending on the field set, the bowler bowls the ball or vice versa. A single run can bring down the match during critical situations, there is no room for mistakes on the final overs or while taking a catch of a good player.


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